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  • The Most Important Thing You Can Do To Improve Your Knitting

    Hello, my knitting friends! We’re just over halfway through October’s series, and I have something important to tell you. It’s maybe one of the most important knitting tips I can ever share, and it needs to be said. It will definitely improve your knitting because it will give you the confidence to seek out new […]

  • How to Count Rows in Knitting

    Have you ever lost track of how many rows you’ve knit? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just look at your knitting to find out? Well, you can. Yay! And I’m going to show you how to count rows in knitting right now. Most of us, at some point, get confused by where we […]

  • How to Pick Up Dropped Stitches, Even from the Cast On Edge

    I first knew that I could knit anything when I learned that I could fix anything. My fear of making mistakes, trying a new project and getting stuck, and ruining hours of knitting went away. The first step towards knitting confidence, then, seems to be learning how to fix mistakes in knitting. Here’s how to […]