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  • How to Sew Invisible Vertical Seams in Knitting with Mattress Stitch

    Anybody else here hate finishing?  Sewing up?  Yeah, me too. Until recently, that is. I always dreaded it because I didn’t know what to do.  And I didn’t want to mess up my beautiful knitting with crappy sewing. The solution was staring me in the face, but I didn’t want to acknowledge it: Learn to […]

  • 8 Tips for Knitting Lace

    Does lace intimidate you?  It certainly looks complicated – but the good news is that if you can follow directions, you can knit lace. And we already know you can follow directions.  That’s how you learned to knit, right? But there are some extra things you can do to make knitting lace easier.  So, here are my […]

  • Sea Glass Shawl

    Are you looking for some interesting summer knitting?  How about something in a nice, light cotton-linen blend, with pretty stripes and lace, that feels good to knit and even better to wear?  And how about a knitalong and giveaway to make it even more fun? How about my new shawl pattern? I had a ton […]