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Inverse Reverse: A collection of reversible shawls


It’s that time of year — when I always want something wrapped around my neck. I have a serious obsession with knitting shawls, so my closet is getting pretty full of various neck-warming devices. And yet, I still want to make more… (I picked up a copy of WestKnits BestKnits recently, and now I want […]

Unicorn Power! and Beaded Wristers Collection


I am totally a magpie, attracted to shiny objects. That might explain my new obsession with beaded knitting. That, and the rhythmic, hypnotic, fun-yet-relaxing act of sliding beads into place amidst comforting garter stitch. (And if you’ve ever read any of my posts here, you’ll have noticed that I like fun-yet-relaxing knitting. Don’t bore me, […]

How to Measure Knitting


Many patterns will tell you to “work in pattern for ____ inches / cm.” So measuring your knitting is an often-used, important skill. Here are some tips for getting accurate measurements. The standard for how to measure knitting is different from the “counting your rows” standard. When we’re counting the number of rows we’ve worked, […]

How to Avoid Repetitive Stress While Knitting


At some point, most knitters deal with repetitive stress or carpal tunnel problems, whether mild or severe. Here are some tips that might help to keep your hands and wrists in good knitting condition for many years to come: Take breaks. When you do, get up, walk around, and stretch out your arms. Reach them up over […]

How to Pick Up Dropped Stitches, Even from the Cast On Edge


I first knew that I could knit anything when I learned that I could fix anything. My fear of making mistakes, trying a new project and getting stuck, and ruining hours of knitting went away. The first step towards knitting confidence, then, seems to be learning how to fix mistakes in knitting. Here’s how to […]

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