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Aves Hat and Charmed Fall Accessories collection!


Woohoo! A mystery project of mine is finally releasing today, so now I can tell you all about it. It’s so hard to keep these secrets, but I admit, it’s fun at the same time. I’ve really been enjoying working on a small and growing pile of secret things this year. Read on for the […]

Perfect Bind Off in the Round: My Favourite Trick


I love this little trick for joining my cast-off edge in the round. It finished it up so nicely. Use it for the cast-off around cuffs, sock tops, headbands, or any other circular project that you’re binding off. Cast off normally. (I assume you’re knitting 2, then passing the first stitch over, etc, until the […]

Shades of Things to Come…


Currently in the works, we have… Leafalicious! Expect a hat, some woolly mittens, and cute little baby sweaters to be appearing in the next couple months — all in this awesome, textural theme. Also, I’ve been mulling over hats. Fall is coming you know, and it makes me want to knit warm things for my […]