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Yarn Obsession

Just call me The Compulsive Yarn Photographer.  That’s me.  Lately, I’ve been taking photos of all my new balls of yarn to store in my Ravelry Stash database.  I feel a little silly, but it kind of makes me happy.

Plus, I just love its squishy self.  Yarn, I mean.

Like this ball, which was sitting on my very messy kitchen table, staring at me.  Smiling at me. I had to capture its cuteness.

It’s such a weird, intense, mustard-y colour that for some reason, I like it. Also, it looks awesome alongside my favourite colour, electric blue. I plan to knit that little beauty up into a cowl for a pop of contrast in my usually-blue wardrobe.

It’s also is made of jade. I got it at a yarn swap last night, and I’m exceedingly pleased with it.

I have this theory about yarn and all things knitty and fibre-y. The theory is that when the apocalypse comes, and we all have to fend for ourselves without electricity and government and iPods and Facebook, knitters and spinners will be heroes. What’s that? we’ll say, You’re cold? Your sweaters are all worn out? Well, do you see that sheep over there? I can make something warm and beautiful with it. I know. I’m awesome.

I have another theory. This theory is that if everyone could just find something they love to do as much as I love to squish and photograph and knit yarn, then the whole world would be quite a stunning and happy place. Personally, I think that everyone should like knitting, but maybe others will prefer things like crocheting or roller derby. Whatever.

So, for the rest of you yarnaholics whom I do not know but love already, here’s a little more eye candy.

Misti Alpaca Lace….. *squeeze*
I have a special fondness for sock yarn.

Have a lovely, yarny day!


3 thoughts on “Yarn Obsession

  1. I’ve accepted that I now seem to take more yarn/spinning/finished object shots than shots of my kids. It’s very normal to take yarn pictures 😉

  2. That mustard yarn is perfect! Could you tell me where you got it from so I can ask my local yarn store if they have it in stock? Dark shades of yellow are wonderful with so many colours!

    1. So sorry! Did I forget to mention the name of that yarn? It is South West Trading Company Therapi, and I got it at a yarn swap. I hope that helps you find it. 🙂

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