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Why Do You Knit?

I just asked this question to my local knitting guild, and it made me think.

Why DO I knit?

Honestly, when I think of knitting, I get a little poetic.  I really do just love it so much.  It’s such a quirky, yet classic, hobby.  (Okay, it’s gone way past hobby for me, and moved into lifestyle, obsession, identity.)


I knit for the warm, fuzzy feeling of accomplishment.

I knit for the continuity between generations.

I knit for the soothing rhythm of repetition, the soft movement of yarn beneath my fingers.

I knit for the places my mind goes while my hands are agreeably engaged.

I knit for a physical place to put my prayers.

I knit so I can give someone an object that embodies my love for them.

I knit to challenge my brain.

I knit to soothe my nerves.


And tonight, I am going to knit to console myself after cleaning out my office all day.