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The New Work Space: Yarn Display And All

I have yarn strewn all over my house.  Partially finished projects, pretty skeins I don’t want to hide in a drawer, finished samples that got placed on top of the piano and left there — every room contains yarn except the bathroom and my husband’s office.

So of course my new kitchen work station is all about yarn.


I spend a lot of time in our kitchen.  It’s my quiet(er) space, where I can both get things done and relax, depending on the moment and the needs of my kids.  As much as I’d like to put my feet up on the couch and knit during afternoon quiet time, it’s just not relaxing when I’m forced to watch Max & Ruby or Spongebob Squarepants.  I’d rather watch Pride & Prejudice (the A&E version with Jennifer Ehle, not that horrible Keira Knightley disaster), but the complaining would negate the relaxation.

(In case you’re wondering why on earth I need to arrange my afternoon quiet time around my kids, it’s because I’m crazy and I homeschool them.  We try to get our work done in the morning, so we can all play in the afternoon.)

Anyway, I really wanted the new desk to have room for all of *my* work, which is, as you know, all about knitting.  So I made a home for my knitting books on the shelves next to the cook books, and I set aside some drawers for my pattern notes, and I bought containers whose sole purpose in life is to keep my newest and prettiest skeins in easy view.


I sometimes feel bad that my hobby is scattered and displayed all over the house, while my husband’s is banished to his office.  But really, I’m not going to hang power tools on the walls.  I’m just not.

Now, the buttons that I bought recently are another story.  But I’ll save those pictures for another day.  (The day when I finally take them.)

For the curious, let me tell you where I got all my new goodies.  The desk was free, from a local SWAP group.  Isn’t it awesome?  The shelves, I bought at Ikea.  Likewise the lamp and the green yarn containers.  I also bought this cute new plant and its lacy container at Ikea.  It’s my absolute favourite variety of greenery: plastic.  (It’s a good thing my kids don’t sit passively waiting for water like plants do; otherwise, they might never get fed.) (Kidding.  Obviously, I know that a starved child is a very different thing from a brown plant.)

For some reason, my teenage disdain for lace has completely disappeared, and it its place is a great appreciation for the skill involved in its production.  See, we have knitting to thank for so many things.

And now you know a bit more about me: my love for the colours blue and turquoise and for old furniture, my inability to keep plants alive, and the place where I sit down to work (or browse Facebook) every day.

Here’s one last photo of pretty yarn for you (I warned my husband that I would be buying hooks to display my skeins, and I meant it):


How do you display your yarn?  Or do you hide it all away in drawers?  I’d love to hear from you!




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  1. Very nice! I love the yarn display. I keep mine away in bins, but I use clear bins so I can find stuff more easily and because it’s one of the few things I store in bins that looks nice while being stored.

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