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I’m Going To Be On Knit Picks!

Look what came in the mail yesterday!

I finally got brave and submitted two patterns to the Knit Picks IDP program.  And they both got accepted!

Very soon, both Merrick and the Knotty Baby Hat will be available on the Knit Picks website for $1.99 each.  You might notice that I’ve lowered their prices.  I can do that because I’m anticipating higher sales through the higher visibility they’ll get on such a great, large website.

For those of you who’ve supported me by buying them at their previous prices, I am so thankful, and I’d like to offer you the gift of another one of my patterns for free.  Just send me an email to with the name of the pattern you’d like for free, and I’ll send you the link myself, with a big thank you for your previous Merrick or Knotty Baby Hat purchase.  You have no idea how encouraged I feel every time I get that PayPal notification email that one of my patterns has been purchased.

Knit Picks kindly sent me some Swish Worsted yarn so I could knit up two samples of Merrick.  I chose two colours:  my absolute favourite, Gulfstream — an electric blue that leans slightly towards aqua; it’s so vibrant and happy — and Dove Heather, which is soft and classic and comforting.  I got the yarn in the mail yesterday, and immediately cast on to make the first sample.  This is so exciting!

I can’t wait to see how the pattern will look knit up in the Gulfstream colour.  I wish I could capture its colour more accurately with my camera.  These photos are gorgeous, but they’re actually lacking some of its vibrancy!

The Knotty Baby Hat was originally designed in Knit Picks Felici Fingering-weight Sock Yarn, so it’s all ready to go, just as soon as I can mail in the signed Terms & Conditions.  I tried to scan them, but I must be missing some essential software for my scanner.  Sometimes, nothing is simple around here.

I’d love to knit up another sample of it someday.  Maybe I’m being picky, but I hate that little line down the left front where my needles joined.  I have since changed the pattern so the beginning of round doesn’t shift any more, so that line will never, ever, ever appear at the front ever again, but my sample photo hasn’t been updated to match.  At least, not in the Rainbow colourway.  I have a nice photo in a blue-stripe colourway, whose name I have completely forgotten, and which looks like it may have been removed from the Felici colours, anyway:


I’m so thrilled and nervous to finally be taking this step forward in my love of designing.  Thanks for supporting me along the way!



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  1. Great !! Congratulations Amanda !!

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