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Staring at Colours as Therapy

Today, I love this colour.

Its name is Pennyroyal (which I love.  It suits it, doesn’t it?), and I’ve had it sitting in my Palette drawer for a couple months now.  I thought it would become arm warmers, but it’s becoming something much, much better.  (Maybe I will buy some more and make arm warmers, too.)  Who knew that such a pale colour could be so appealing?  It’s subtle and soft, it’s light and airy; it reminds me of spring, but it’s made of pure warmth.

Yes, I love to stare at pretty colours.

I would now like to thank the moth larvae that scared me into putting all my stash into plastic baggies in the freezer. In the process, I discovered all sorts of yarn goodies that had been forgotten. So, stupid moths: Thank you. And watch out, because if I see you again, I will hurt you.