Knitting Classes

Sign up for real-life knitting classes with Amanda Schwabe in Ottawa and Kemptville, Ontario, Canada! Learn new techniques, get knitting help, and take your knitting to the next level. Enjoy knitting in a friendly group setting.


Amanda has been teaching multiple weekly knitting classes since 2014 and publishing knitting patterns and tutorials since 2007. She has also taught retreat workshops and even a birthday party!


  • fixing mistakes, even in advanced techniques like brioche and lace knitting
  • modifying patterns
  • sewing things up
  • creating your own designs
  • cast on methods & which to use when
  • bind off methods & choosing the right one
  • brioche knitting
  • reversible slip-stitch knitting (developed by me and used in my Inverse Reverse shawl patterns)
  • mosaic knitting
  • stranded knitting methods: two-handed, Fair Isle, and ladderback jacquard, etc.
  • double knitting
  • cables and travelling stitches
  • garment, sock, shawl, and accessory architecture
  • lace knitting
  • sock knitting, including all the heels and toes imaginable, in every direction
  • gloves and mittens
  • entrelac
  • English & continental knitting, levered knitting, knitting back, Norwegian purl, Eastern knitting

Looking for a knitting teacher for an event or workshop? Contact me to request a menu of courses available.

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