Video Chat Knitting Class


Pick and choose any combination of 2-hour virtual knitting classes to suit your schedule.

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Knitters, unite! Separately, in your own homes, via Zoom video chatting. Isn’t technology wonderful?

Since we won’t be gathering together in person for a while, I’m taking my knitting classes to your smartphones, tablets, and computer screens. When you sign up for a class, you’ll be emailed a link and Zoom meeting ID and password, either of which you can use to join in at the right time.

What’s a virtual knitting class like?

Well, I make sure my hair is neatened, I make myself publicly presentable, and then I set up my smartphone in my office and press the “start meeting” button in my Zoom app at the appointed time. When you join in, I see a notification that you’re in the Waiting Room, and if I recognize your name, I let you in to the class. Then we’ll take a few minutes to make sure everyone has audio and video working while we exchange hellos.

You’ll see everyone else in the class on your screen, and we can all talk to each other.

Bring your knitting projects to your comfy location at home, and set up your own device before you join in.

Once everyone has arrived, we take turns showing what we’ve been working on lately, holding things up to the camera to show and tell. Everyone knits and chats, and we also take turns getting knitting help as needed. You can come with a list of questions and problems, but you can also just ask for help as you knit and things come up.

I keep some extra knitting handy so I can demonstrate any techniques necessary. You’re welcome to record any demos that I do during the class for your own personal use afterward.

The video chat lasts up to 2 hours per class. It’s okay if there is some dead air space while we all just knit happily together. (This happens rarely, though. There’s always lots to talk about!)

These online knitting classes are a chance to get real-time help from me, Amanda Schwabe, with any knitting you’re working on. Any knitting technique or problem is fair game, and we can even fix a lot of problems together this way.

And more than that, I’m really enjoying just seeing your faces. 🙂 I’ve missed our in-person classes together! This is a lovely way to stay social and safe.

How does Zoom work?

It’s really user friendly, actually. You don’t even need to download the app or create an account. You can join your class simply by clicking the link in your email at the start time. If you’re a few minutes late, that’s no problem at all because you’ll just join in to the meeting in progress. If you’re too early, and I haven’t started the meeting yet, it won’t work at all until I’ve turned things on.

If you do have an account, you can use the Meeting ID and password to join in.

You’ll of course need a device that’s connected to the internet and has a camera and microphone. If you’re using earbuds to listen in, make sure they have a working microphone built in. (Often plugging earbuds into the audio jack will turn off the device’s microphone, so you’ll be able to hear us, but we won’t be able to hear you.)

The link and Meeting ID will work for every class, so keep that information for future use. There’s no automated system to send you reminders, so write it down somewhere or link it to your calendar app. If you use Zoom, I think it will give you the option to add meetings to your calendar.

Class sizes will be kept small.

If you’re used to seeing me in person every week, select the day of the week and time that you’re used to if you want to see your knitting friends. I’m going to limit each class to 8 participants so we can do this without getting confused and overwhelmed.

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Sunday 12:45-2:45, March 6, 2022, Sunday 12:45-2:45, March 13, 2022, Sunday 12:45-2:45, March 20, 2022, Sunday 12:45-2:45, March 27, 2022, Sunday 3-5, March 6, 2022, Sunday 3-5, March 13, 2022, Sunday 3-5, March 20, 2022, Sunday 3-5, March 27, 2022, Tuesday 10-12, March 1, 2022, Tuesday 10-12, March 8, 2022, Tuesday 10-12, March 15, 2022, Tuesday 10-12, March 22, 2022, Tuesday 10-12, March 29, 2022, Sunday 12:45-2:45, April 3, 2022, Sunday 12:45-2:45, April 10, 2022, Sunday 12:45-2:45, April 24, 2022, Sunday 3-5, April 3, 2022, Sunday 3-5, April 10, 2022, Sunday 3-5, April 24, 2022, Tuesday 10-12, April 5, 2022, Tuesday 10-12, April 12, 2022, Tuesday 10-12, April 19, 2022, Tuesday 10-12, April 26, 2022


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