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The Creator’s Manifesto

Creating is what I do.

It’s ingrained in who I am.

Whether it’s knitting, painting, or writing, it’s what I was made to do.

In creating, I think we reflect the Creator God.  Creating, in and of itself, becomes an act of worship.

It is okay to create for creating’s sake.  With no other purpose or agenda.  Not to sell things, or get recognized, or be admired.

These are the thing I need to remember.

It’s so easy to become discouraged, to wonder, “What’s the point?”

Especially when the dishes pile up, the bathroom needs cleaning, the kids need feeding.  Everything feels so hard and frustrating and impossible some days.  And I wonder, “Is it worth it?  Should I bother?”

But then I read something like this, and I know.

I was made to create.

I’d better do it.