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I’m Zazzle-y

Okay, so I did something that maybe only fellow knitters will understand.

I made yarny phone cases.  I mean, if I had an iPhone, I’d want its case to have yarn on it.  Wouldn’t you?


(That particular case is for a Samsung Galaxy S3.  Isn’t it purty?)

Zazzle gives its members the opportunity to create their own little stores with their own quirky designs.  I like yarn, so I designed some yarny things.  Phone cases, Kindle and Nook skins, laptop skins, even key chains and soothers and stickers, oh my!  Yes, you can now purchase all of those items, made by me, covered in woolly goodness.

I made this one as a joke, but it’s kind of growing on me:


Yes, it’s a pacifier.  Bahaha!

Anyway, there are so many products on Zazzle, and I’m having fun.  I made my own little Aknitica store, and I have products with black yarn, grey yarn, pink yarn, green yarn, and even a painting I made of yarn.  I hope to have yarny pictures in every colour of the rainbow available eventually.  Since I’m taking pictures of all my favourite, most gorgeous yarn from my stash, I think I have a good chance of finding every colour.

Let me know what you think.  Have I gone crazy?  Maybe…

And if I have, I know the exact reason:  I can’t find my size 1 circular needles!!!!  I have searched all over my house, looked for UFOs hiding in all my knitting nooks and crannies, and I still can’t find my go-to needles.  I’m trying not to hyperventilate.  I wanted to make gloves with them Right. Now.  I hate waiting.

Please cheer me up by commenting below.  Thank you.  That is all.