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You agree to respect the copyright on all patterns, downloads, and content of or originating from aknitica.com, Amanda Schwabe, and all its related sites, including but not limited to the aknitica pattern store on Ravelry.  You will not copy, redistribute, or sell any of my work without my prior permission.  You will not sell items made from my patterns unless you have purchased a cottage license from me, Amanda Schwabe.

You agree that this website and these patterns and downloads are provided to you at the discretion of Amanda Schwabe and aknitica.com, and that they may not always be available for your use.  Amanda Schwabe and aknitica.com are not liable for any loss that may ensue from the use of the website, its patterns or downloads, or any other item or use associated with Aknitica Designs.

Once you have purchased a pattern or download, you are free to download it for your own personal use as many times as necessary.  The download link is currently set to not expire.  This may change in the future, so make sure you back up your downloaded file(s).  Amanda Schwabe and her website(s) are not responsible for the loss of your purchased patterns and/or downloads.


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