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How to Make Mirrored Increases in Knitting: M1R, M1L


Have you ever knit a pattern that says something like “increase one stitch” or Make 1, but doesn’t specify what technique to use? Here are tips on how to choose which increase to use in your knitting. Generally, when a pattern says “M1,” it’s referring to the Make-One increase, which is a specific technique. That’s […]

The Anatomy of a Knit Stitch and Why It Matters


Knowing your stitches and their characteristics can help you in so many ways. It makes it easier to spot or fix mistakes, easier to count stitches, easier to twist or untwist them, and easier to mirror them when it comes to increases and decreases. So, grab your closest knitting project and examine it along with […]

Perfect Bind Off in the Round: My Favourite Trick


I love this little trick for joining my cast-off edge in the round. It finished it up so nicely. Use it for the cast-off around cuffs, sock tops, headbands, or any other circular project that you’re binding off. Cast off normally. (I assume you’re knitting 2, then passing the first stitch over, etc, until the […]

How to Make Nice Edges in Knitting


Want your exposed edges to be smooth and lovely? There’s a trick for that. You can substitute this nice edges technique on pretty much any knitting pattern, as long as the stitch pattern doesn’t extend to the edge stitches. For example, this is great for scarves, sometimes shawls, and the little button band I just knit on […]

How to Use Your Gauge to Decide What Size to Knit


The big question with gauge isn’t really how to get it, but “Will this sweater fit when I’m done?” Let’s say your gauge is close but not quite. You’ve substituted yarn and changed needle sizes, and it’s pretty close to what the designer recommends, but maybe it’s coming out to in between sizes. How do […]

How to Measure Gauge in Knitting


In knitting, “gauge” just means how many stitches you get per inch using your yarn and your needles. Some of us knit tightly, some knit loosely, and some of us knit with average tension. And that’s why we need to measure gauge before starting a project that we want to actually fit. If your stitches […]

How to Knit Faster


There are a couple tricks you can use to speed up your knitting. Repetition – Back when I was a kid in dance class, we used to groan every time our teacher said, “Do it again.” We thought we already knew the steps. Was she telling us we sucked? Nope. She was preparing us for the […]

Choosing the Right Yarn for Your Knitting Project: Quick Guide


So how do you know which yarn to choose for your project? Well, there are many options. Let’s talk about them. But first, does it have to be the yarn suggested by the designer? No. No, it does not. But it should probably have some similarities. The qualities to look for when choosing yarn for […]

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How to Get Perfect Tension in Knitting


Do you ever get grooves between your purl rows? Or find big, oversized knit stitches randomly scattered throughout your stockinette? Most of us have knit stockinette stitch and been disappointed when it didn’t look perfectly smooth. On the right side, it looks like every other row of knit stitches is oversized. On the wrong side, there […]