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Two is the second shawl in the Inverse Reverse Collection, an ebook that takes the basic nature of One and runs away wild with it. Featuring completely reversible, inverse fabrics in asymmetrical shapes, these shawls play with colours, gradients, cables, and vertical and diagonal stripes. They are graphic and stylish, suitable to be knit up in any weight of yarn, to a size of your own choosing..

Two takes the basic nature of One and adds cables! The twisting, twining little two-stitch cables transform both sides of the fabric, so you get a shawl that has two distinct sides, two versions of the same colour palette: One dark, one light. Or one grey, one bright. How you wear it each day is up to you and your mood.

Two, like One, is a fully reversible, asymmetrical shawl, knit from a small point and steadily increased until it’s the desired size or until you run out of yarn.

Because of this, you can knit it up using any weight of yarn! 100 grams of each colour should be enough to make a good-sized shawl no matter what weight of yarn you choose. Use a needle that’s slightly big for the size of yarn you choose (check the ball band for size recommendations) so you get a nice, drapey gauge.

For example:
The bright green-yellow and grey shawl was knit up using fingering-weight yarns (Hedgehog Fibres Sock in Envy and Manos del Uruguay Fino in dark grey) and size 3 US (3.25 mm) needles. I used 98 grams of each skein, and it measures 74” on the long side.

The black and white shawl was knit up using sport weight Cascade 220 Superwash Sport and size 8 US (5 mm) needles. I used 98 grams of each colour (almost 2 full 50-gram skeins), and it measures about 62” on the long side.

Because Two has a garter-stitch base, it doesn’t really need blocking the way a lace shawl would. Its easy care makes it the perfect knit gift for the non-knitters in your life. If you can stand to give it away, that is.

About Slipped-Stitch Knitting
Shhh! Although the colour pattern looks complex, it’s actually pretty easy to do. The whole shawl is worked on a garter stitch base, so you’ll be knitting every row, and you’ll only ever use one colour at a time. All the “colourwork” is achieved by slipping stitches. No stranding or special colourwork knowledge required.

Using a Gradient Kit
If you’re using a gradient kit with many small skeins of yarn, you have choices: You can either use up the entirety of each skein in sequence and create a large shawl, or you can divide the skeins in half and make a shawlette (the perfect size to be worn like a kerchief / small scarf around your neck).

However much of your gradient you choose to use, make sure to have an equal amount of the solid colour on hand to match it.

Additional Pattern Info
This pattern, like all of my patterns, contains both charts and written instructions, so you can choose your favourite method of reading.

This pattern has been test knit.



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